Missions Support Learn about the missionaries & organizations we support

General Policy

We look to support foreign and domestic missions and ministries in their efforts to make disciples of “unreached” people groups across the world through evangelism, compassion/relief ministries, and church planting efforts. Twenty percent (20%) of our total operating budget is devoted to lending financial support to these ends. Of the twenty percent (20%), we allocate seventy-five percent (75%) to foreign missions and twenty-five percent (25%) to domestic efforts. This amount includes our West Philadelphia outreach efforts and Renewal sponsored summer missions trips.


Organizations We Support

Our vision is for our missions’ budget to reflect God’s Heart for the ministry of both the Word and Deeds. We believe that God has called the Church to not only share the Gospel through what we say, but to demonstrate the Gospel through our actions towards those who are in need. Also, we place greater priority upon organizations that are in Philadelphia or have concrete ways in which churches and individuals can get involved. This is because one of our core principles is that supporting never means simply sending a check. It means partnering. Local organizations with serving opportunities and organizations with conferences such as the IJM Prayer Conference help foster that principle.

Overseas Evangelism Organizations:

Arab World Ministries (AWM) 
World Evangelization for Christ (WEC) International 

Domestic/Overseas Mercy Organizations:

Compassion International
International Justice Mission
Samaritan’s Purse
Whosoever Gospel Mission

Missionaries We Support

**For security reasons, we do NOT publish the list of the missionaries we support. Please contact us directly if you would like this information.

We adopt the same principle of partnership with our Long-Term Supported Missionaries. We never want to impersonally send a check, but to partner with their families and ministries. We want Renewal to be an integral part of fulfilling their work.


 What This All Means For You
  • Continue to GIVE financially knowing that your offering is intentionally being used to further God’s Kingdom.

  • LEARN about these organizations. Find out what they are about and grow in your own heart for what they are doing.

  • Try to get INVOLVED. As a church we will focus our attention on these particular organizations whenever we have a special event or fundraiser. But as an individual, a family or a community group, consider ways of involvement whether it be through prayer, attending a conference hosted by these organizations or doing an activity together.