We encourage you to get involved in serving the church through a Renewal ministry. Please consider the ways God has gifted you and consider using those gifts to bless and serve our church, our city, and the world for God’s glory.


Welcoming & Worship

The Welcoming & Worship Committee is responsible for preparing the sanctuary for each service, welcoming all who come through the doors as they distribute the bulletins and usher people to their seats, and collecting offering. For people who remember what it felt like to be new at Renewal and who are willing to extend warmth and friendship to our visitors, consider joining this committee.
Multimedia Committee

Multimedia Committee

The Multimedia Committee is responsible for aiding in Sunday worship with the powerpoint presentations. This committee is looking for those who are interested in the information technology needs of our church.

The Children’s Ministry is a ministry that is striving to keep in step with the blessing boom of babies and children in our congregation. Each classroom, from our nursery to our Sunday School classes, is a place of wide-eyed learning, singing, and growing in Christ’s love and His Word. We are looking for dedicated teachers who love children and desire to see them rooted in Him from the earliest age possible. All teachers & volunteers are required to submit Criminal & Child Abuse checks.

Serving Our City

We are all called to serve the city, to show mercy and justice for the needy and poor. View the list of organizations below and consider volunteering to provide mercy needs for those in need. Contact if you have any questions, need more information, or have additional ideas.

  • Serve and care for the homeless through preparing and serving meals. If you can’t attend, you can contribute by chipping in for food costs or preparing some of the food.

  • 609 S. 15th Street, Philadelphia, PA

  • Various needs include school supplies and snack donations, school cleaning and painting days, and support for teachers in the classroom or after school programs.

  • 4700 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA 19139

  • (in partnership with MCO and Tenth Presbyterian Church)

    Discipleship amongst students and practitioners in the medical field through Bible studies, Sunday School classes, city-wide events/conferences, and Summer Medical Institute.

  • 1701 Delancey Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102

  • Serve alongside volunteer staff to help welcome international students living in West Philadelphia through various events such as weekly Friday night gatherings and seasonal activities throughout the year. The purpose of this ministry is to help internationals students feel connected and cared for and to share the love of Christ through relationships. 

  • The Lackey Home (within a couple of blocks of our church)

Serving Our World

Missions Community

This group of missions-minded folks meet every few months to foster accountability and relationships through sharing times, interacting with missionaries on furlough, watching missions videos, and praying for a variety of missions concerns.

Missions Support

It is important as senders to support our missionaries not only through prayer and finances, but also through communication, logistical, and moral support. As God is calling more and more of our brothers and sisters to “go”, we pray that He will raise up people from our church to send them.

Short-Term Trips

To heighten awareness of Jesus Christ’s heart for His lost world, Renewal Church sends teams to various countries around the world. Renewal wants to build God’s kingdom throughout the nations through both the ministry of words and deeds by raising, sending and partnering with our own members.